Strata Capital Group® focuses on fiancial opportunity and accountability.

The mission of Strata Capital Group is to provide exclusive investment real estate, direct participation programs and consulting services to our investors. Our investments are positioned to offer dependable returns at the least possible risk exposure. Our focus is to continue to be recognized as a boutique investment firm that provides reliable due-diligence, proven leadership and current investment education within an environment of high standards and business ethics. Our most important role is to be our clients trusted advisor.

We are active and resourceful in developing proactive investment strategies for our clients.

We are generous, tapping our collective initiative and creativity to provide financial solutions.

We are committed to providing integrity, sound judgment, attention to detail and innovative thinking.

We work closely with our clients to help them achieve their financial objectives.

Strata Capital Group is deeply committed to understanding our friends, family and clients needs as a trusted advisor. We believe honest and direct communication go far in creating long-term relationships. Our professional acumen is born of experience, training and education that allows to us cultivate positive results.